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Geology of Mt. Stetind

Stetind represents a part of Norway's so called highland plateau. This was presumably the surface in which the rivers were carving out before the ice ages. The glaciers later dug out these rivers further and formed deep valleys and fjords. Mt. Stetind has been a nunatak during parts of the ice ages, a sharp peak sticking up from the ice.
Mt. Stetind was either a part of or right below the land plateau in Norway before the ice ages. This plateau might have existed since the era of the dinosaurs.

The granite around Mt. Stetind is ca. 1800 million years old. Granite is a magmatic mineral. It consists of magma that solidified deep underneath the earth crust.

Kåre Kullerud from the University of Tromsø has created an animation showing how Mt. Stetind was formed :

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