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Said about Stetind

Many people have expressed their affection for this mountain. Find some quotations below:

"An obelisk, formed by moving ice masses over thousands of years. Smoothed and polished artwork in granite with sheer cliffs plunging into the ocean. Stetind rises from the fjord, steep and magnificent, impressive and enchanting, surrounded by myths and full of mystery."
-former chairman of Tysfjord municipality, Leif K. Klæboe

“The ugliest mountain I ever saw.”
- William C. Slingsby

“I lie and feel that I hate this damned mountain, because it has power over my mind.”
- Peter Wessel Zapffe

"An anvil for the gods to hammer on."
- Peter Wessel Zapffe.

"It is impossible to visualise that a 1400-meter tall peak has been created by four slashes of nature's hand - three vertical and one cross-cut, something like this must be seen. And we looked and looked, and did not think about how to ascend it, but rejoiced because we had had a chance to experience such a view."
- Ferdinand Schjelderup

"Take Mt. Stetind, for instance. It is such places that make Norway unique. The mountain and the fjord are so closely tied together. You have them both at the same time. You can start at zero and go straight to the top. I think that is splendid. That is the most splendid thing about Norway."
- Arne Næss in "Naturally rich"

”Stetind is radiating both power and beauty. There is something magical about it.”
- Arne Næss (Fremover)

"This is a magnificent mountain and one of the three peaks in Norway, which is of great interest to mountaineers. Mt. Stetind represents the essence of Norwegian nature. Only few countries have this combination of fjords and mountains."
- Børge Brende

“Mt. Stetind is a fabulous ascent. The mountain rises straight from the sea and slopes elegantly skyward. Stetind is fine granite, solid and grips well. It is as if the mountain is on your side.”
– Arne Næss.

“It has already travelled around the Earth on the tongues of many peoples, in images and songs. Silent wanderers from far away came to contemplate under Stetind, a tower soaring skyward.
- Peter Wessel Zapffe. The yearbook of the Norwegian Trekking Association, 1937

“A fourteen hundred meter high fairy tale castle of silver grey granite.”
- Peter Wessel Zapffe. Norwegian Trekking Association Yearbook, 1937

“A colossal sculpture of solemn, supreme, virile power.”
- Peter Wessel Zapffe. Norwegian Trekking Association Yearbook, 1937

"Mt. Stetind should be a life goal for everyone who loves mountains... The fjord and the wild nature, it's just beautiful."
- Kristin Krohn Devold, general secretary of the Norwegian Trekking Association (Fremover, July 14, 2009)

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