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Arne Næss' greetings

"Throughout my life Mt. Stetind has meant a lot to me not only because I have climbed countless undiscovered routes to its top, but also because of the way the mountain rises. A perfect symbol of an ascent, of the potential to see the bigger picture. The continuously interrupted lines and the absence of scree on the rock face add an additional dimension to it.

Stetind lies so far north that if one starts the trip in the afternoon, one can see the sun setting and rising again along the horizon. This creates an atmosphere one cannot find in the Alps. An atmosphere of adventure, of life and death: will the sun rise again tomorrow morning? But Mt. Stetind is there, it looks down with friendliness on us little flies."

 Arne Næss' greetings are taken from the Tysfjord Yearbook, 2003


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